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  • Develop cast iron public speaking confidence.
  • Plan and structure a presentation that has everyone hanging on your every word.
  • Command attention in the crucial few seconds before you start speaking.
  • Structure a sales pitch to secure interest and buy in.
  • Rehearse your presentations to ensure success
  • Confidently answer challenging questions.
  • Deal with challenging or difficult audience.
  • Priority access to event announcements
  • Plus much more…

Connect and build relationships with professionals who are just like you!

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Maybe you've been in situations where you've hesitated or been scared to speak up and share your experience or expertise.

Perhaps while you were worrying about if you should share your thoughts, someone else did and they were the ones who received the recognition?

We've been there!

Our long and at times, painful journeys have transformed us from being to be too shy to speak up in meetings, petrified of every delivering presentations and scared stiff of speeches, to today confidently speaking in front of hundreds of people.

We know exactly what how it feels and what it takes to speak in public with total confidence.

That's precisely what this group is all about!

Providing you with the time-tested tips, tools and techniques to structure, rehearse and confidently deliver all of your pitches, presentations and speeches.

Learn From The Experts

Andy O’Sullivan

Andy O’Sullivan is an international bestselling author of 5 books on public speaking. In his books, workshops and seminars, Andy teaches professionals and entrepreneurs how to increase their success and public speaking confidence as they create and deliver presentations that inspire, impress and ensure they are the obvious choice.

Brian Guo

Brian Guo is a multi-award winning speaker, national speech contest finalist, presentation mentor and international speaker. Brian’s passion is to help ensure everyone develops the confidence to speak up in public, sharing their thoughts, opinions and ideas, allowing them to achieve their full potential and aspirations.



  1. Exclusive member content
  2. Video’s sharing powerful public speaking strategies
  3. Tips sheets you can take and use straight away.
  4. Connect and chat with like-minded people.
  5. Ask your public speaking questions.
  6. Share your successes, challenges and lessons learnt.
  7. Receive encouragement and motivation to move forward with growing your public speaking skills and confidence.
  8. Free online mentoring and training.

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